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Save Money with our Las Vegas Home Buyer Commission Rebate Program!

Why pay thousands of dollars more to buy a home when you can get a commission rebate and save thousands?

Buying a New Home or a Resale?

We’ll find you a home and negotiate the best deal possible for you, and you’ll get a commission rebate from us when you close on your home if the Seller is offering a buyer agent commission. Sellers don’t have to offer a buyer agent commission, but if they do, we’ll help you by rebating a percentage toward your closing costs.

How Do Rebates Work?

It’s no different than a rebate offer you might see at a store, except, in this case, you could be saving a lot more money. If you are financing your home, you’ll typically have about 3% in closing costs.

  • In today’s real estate market, a buyer’s agent’s commission can vary (if offered at all) between 0-3%.
  • The buyer’s broker rebates you a portion of their commission on the HUD 1 if the Seller offers a buyer’s agent commission.
  • With a rebate, you won’t have to come out of pocket with all the closing costs.

How & Why We Do Commission Rebates

While we still play an invaluable role in negotiating for our clients and getting them through the hiccups of the home-buying process, the internet has made it easier for homebuyers to do some of the research on homes, potentially saving us time.

  • We don’t have to pay franchise fees.
  • We don’t have broker commission splits.
  • We don’t have junk fees.
  • We pass on our time savings as a rebate.
  • You get maximum value while not sacrificing service.

Biggest Benefit from a  Home Buyer Commission Rebate?

Cash House BlueIt makes buying a home less expensive!

 You can click here for more information on the IRS’s position on this.

Save More And Get More

With the money you save with the home buyer rebate, by not having to come out of pocket with all the closing costs, you’ll have more money to do home improvements or whatever else you choose.

We have over 20 years of servicing the Las Vegas & Henderson, NV communities; let us put our experience to work for you!

*ALL Home Buyer Rebates must be approved by your lender and shown on the final HUD-1.

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